2015 Mercedes S-Class Coupe, Pullman

These are the most recent spy shots as to firmly the extra-long ‘Pullman’ version as to firmly the latest-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Up to six totally different S-Class variants can eventually be launched, as well as this Pullman limousine, that we’re expecting upon the market next year just like a 2015 model.

The Pullman name originates due to luxurious railway carriages from early last century that were built by america’s Pullman company. They actually were overtly luxurious and many times featured quarters for sleeping and fine dining.
Mercedes has offered Pullman versions of its S-Class in yesteryear, though these were continually specialty models built to order and came with full-length, three-box passenger compartments ( see photo below ). The most recent version is predicted as being built in higher volumes as it’ll serve clearly as the replacement for our ill-fated maybach 57 and maybach 62 sedans.

Clearly as the spy shots reveal, the S-Class Pullman can feature longer rear doors and a further window positioned upon the trailing edge as to firmly the rear door. The further length, believed as being a further eight inches, can primarily be applied to supply additional legroom within the rear and may even even accommodate a six-seat configuration consisting associated with a set of two rear-facing seats.

The car will surely be aimed at each limousine hire firms in addition as rich businessmen. The model is predicted as being particularly well liked in china where it’s common for well-heeled people to possess their own personal personal driver.

Based on the 2015 S-Class spy photos on its trial, it comes with the shape of the common sedan. But a bit different from the common shape of sedan that is untouched, the 2015 S-Class has sharper and tighter lines that come from the softer and rolling curves. The concept of the roof design has a similarity with the one that Porsche 991 Cabriolet has. For the interior spy shots that are revealed earlier, it can be seen that technology and interior features are so luxurious and sophisticated. The dashboard full with full chrome and wood comes with a large screen with a large information center display, the round vents and also the two-spoke steering wheel. The round vents are chosen in replacing the horizontal design in order to create a semi-retro and classic look. As the flagship of Mercedes Benz, this 2015 Mercedes S-Class will come with the latest features and driver aids, such as the LED headlight, voice recognition and the night vision. Moreover, it will be also equipped with a tour de tech as the safety system. This system was designed by Germany experts to recognize the traffic signs and also can alert the wrong way or the driver’s error. This 2015 S-Class also comes with the longer body that is able to give a more spacious legroom to the passenger in order in making a comfortable ride.

This 2015 Mercedes S-Class is designed to have a high-speed capability. As the next generation of the S-Class and the most exclusive S-Class, Benz might offer the eight-cylinder or the twelve-cylinder engines. It will give you a strong, powerful performance with a quiet engine.

As the most exclusive S-Class, this 2015 Mercedes S-Class will provide an impressive and powerful performance with high-speed capability, the sophisticated features and number one safety system.

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