2015 Honda S2000 Concept

The 2015 Honda S2000 will certainly be sport car which may join civic in attentions of japan carmaker to start to be “the BMW of japan”. Hondas long-running sales success has led this company far away from its original fun-to-drive ethos to some reliance on play-it-safe product that customers trust. For that reason Honda is planning the new 2-seat sport car in next few years.

The 2015 Honda S2000 would most likely use A 4-cylinder gasoline engine somewhat larger than 1. 5-liter insight/cr-z unit, fitted to some center frame, that means that mid-engined and rear-wheel drive. This engine can doubtless be tuned to firmly balance fuel economy and emissions with all-out power. In terms of total net output, together with the electrical motor, we guess the new sports car can fall somewhere involving the “old” S2000 and therefore the CR-Z, that means regarding 160 horsepower and 150 pound-feet of torque. Transmissions ought to logically duplicate the cr-z’s 6-speed manual and continuously variable transmission ( CVT) that behaves very similar to an automatic. That powertrain, in the electrical motor geared additional towards performance than economy, might yield 0-60 mph acceleration of slightly below 6 seconds, notably if aluminum is applied to lessen the curb weight.

The first reason why you have to wait for 2015 honda s2000 is because it is a car that is mentioned to be included later on in the category of best-designed cars in the year of 2015. As a two-seater convertible car, this new series looks very sleek in the outside. Of course, this very sleek appearance is the one that cannot be separated from the smooth surface of its body combined with the choices of exterior color that will be applied to it. Other than that, the front view of this car is a good one too because it is simple yet stylish. Some details are also added to make it looks even more stylish, such as the silver line that is added to the black grille of this car. When it comes to the interior of this future car, there are not many details that can be said. Even so, it looks that this car will have a rather spacious interior that will create a significant comfort in this two-seater.

Other than design, the 2015 series of Honda S2000 is a future car that cannot be separated from performance details because this future car is also mentioned to be the one with great performance. It is mentioned that this car will be available mainly with two types of engine. The first one is gas engine and the other is electric motor that will certainly be more suitable for you who love green vehicle. The power that is predicted to be produced by those engines is about 160hp. Other predicted detail that is also related to this new car is no other else but the manual transmission that acts like an automatic one. This detail is certainly the one that will makes 2015 honda s2000 perform better not only if it is compared to some previous series but also if it is compared to new cars in the same class but made by other manufacturers.

2015 honda s2000 is a future car that is worth it to wait because it has best convertible design. Other than that it is also completed with details that support its performance quite perfectly.

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