2015 GMC Canyon New Models Diesel and Trucks

General motors re-enters the midsize pickup segment when using the 2015 GMC Canyon  and its company cousin, the chevrolet colorado. Gm complete its midsize pickup production last year, ceding the sphere out to the toyota tacoma and nissan frontier ( ford complete u. S. Production of its ranger midsize pickup in 2011 ). Even before their finish in spite of this, the Canyon  and colorado were saddled with inefficient powertrains and subpar interiors and never seriously contested the tacomas supremacy within the segment.

GMC hopes to start out utilizing a blank slate because of its new midsize. A lot of importantly, gm hopes out to position the new model as a lot of the most workhorse truck, in distinction out to the lifestyle and sport designs it really has planned for your own chevy model. Early photos the most Canyon  prototype reveal a midsize body bigger compared to the previous generation. Utilizing a giant bisected grille and thick, chunky outlines, the new model seems below its camouflage wrap as a compressed version of one’s redesigned sierra full-size pickup.

Thats not a foul issue, particularly in the event the Canyon  ends up carrying power similar out to that of one’s bigger truck, namely a fresh 4. 3-liter v6 and six-speed automatic transmission. A gm government has already aforementioned that the little and massive trucks wont share powertrains, in spite of this. That leaves possibly the most possible candidates just like the 3. 6-liter v6 found within the terrain, a 2. 4-liter four-cylinder due to chevy malibu, or or maybe just a turbocharged 2. 0-liter four-cylinder and get a model targeted principally on fuel economy. A diesel shouldnt be ruled out at a few purpose, either.

No matter the engine and transmission choices, the 2015 GMC Canyon  can want out to provide towing ability anywhere from 3, 500 out to 6, 500 pounds ( for v6 models ) out to compete when using the frontier and tacoma. A four-wheel-drive possibility is likewise a should, and of course the Canyon  can want out to do higher compared to the 25 mpg highway of its predecessor.

Based on the 2015 Canyon’s spy shots during its trial, we can see that the Canyon has a more manageable size, although it is bigger than its predecessor. Behind its camouflage wrap, it can be seen that Canyon has a large and thick grilles that has a similar design of the 2014 Sierra’s grille and also look like the cross between the design of the new Silverado and the GMT-900 Tahoe. The Canyon also has the thicker and shorter outlines and also has the similar model with the 2014 Sierra full-size truck but comes in a compressed size. We still don’t know yet about the engine that will be used in the Canyon. The 2015 GMC Canyon also has less horizontal strips that we all know as the Chevrolet’s trademark horizontal stripes. Hopefully, it has a greater and better performance better than the previous model of Canyon that seems hardly to take attention of the mid-size truck lovers.

To complete the bigger body size than the previous model, it is way better if the 2015 Canyon ended with the similar powerful engine with the full-size truck which is greater than the engine of the previous model. The people are more expecting that this 2015 GMC Canyon has an engine that is mated with the six speed automatic transmission. There are 4 options of engine that probably will be used by this 2015 Canyon, that are the 3.6-liter direct-injected V-6, or the 2.5-liter, or the 2.0-liter turbo four and the 2.8-liter turbo diesel I-4. However, if wee see these options, there is still possibility that this 2015 Canyon uses the manual transmission. Whatever the engine and transmission that will be used, we all hope that this 2015 Canyon will present a better engine and better performance than its previous model than many expects this 2015 Canyon can compete the Tacoma and the Frontier in the mid-size truck segment. The production of this 2015 GMC Canyon will be the next year and should be arrived on the next fall.

Compared to its previous model, the new 2015 GMC Canyon could present a better performance, a better interior and features.

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