2014 Subaru WRX Release Date

2014 Subaru WRX Release Date, The Subaru WRX Concept ushers in a few new touches doubtless to start to be hallmarks of production the model as surely as bug-eyed ugly and quick rally tenacity laid the groundwork regarding the current standing on your WRX. The carbon fiber roof continues the WRX tradition of cribbing coming from the m3, keeping weight down and lowering the middle of gravity. You might want to expect that the grille and hood scoop can create it unscathed to actually production, and therefore the bulge within the hood is there to actually create house to produce a turbocharged and intercooled engine, an essential half on your WRX DNA.

Subaru doesn’t wish to actually come back out and say precisely that engine they’re boosting, however if that you were to actually guess that it’s a 2. 0-liter boxer four, you’d most likely not suffer disappointment. Each time a design feature gets named, like Subaru has done when using the hawkeye headlights, you can possibly be pretty positive it’s headed regarding the showroom. The paint is named, too : “wr blue pearl iii. ”

It’s not that the WRX was ever refined, however the WRX Concept desires to be different all the more, with wedgy four-door coupe styling, searing-yellow accents by the tailpipes, brake calipers and badging. This is often the stuff feverish adolescent dreams and terrible big-budget movies are created of.

A next-gen Subaru WRX mule prancing about in the body of a current Impreza sedan. Until now, the turbocharged WRX has been based on contemporary Impreza bones, but the new one—and the even-harder-core STI variant—will be split off from the Impreza lineup both in name and mechanical makeup. So although the car seen in these pictures resembles a current-generation Impreza four-door, the 2014 WRX will look quite different.

Overall, the styling of the car is not as exciting as the concept showcased in New York last month since it appears the production version will adopt a regular sedan body with narrower fenders, taller roof and smaller lower intakes.

Power should come from a 4-cylinder, 2.0-liter boxer engine but it’s not known for the moment whether turbocharging will be involved. Chances are it will be a different variant of the mill found in the Subaru BRZ but with a bespoke direct-injection system. We should expect an output of around 265 bhp (198 kW) for the regular WRX and a minimum of 305 bhp (227 kW) for the STI variant.

Subaru will probably offer the 2014 WRX with a symmetrical all-wheel drive system and in the usual sedan and hatchback body styles.

Outperforming the Impreza is not a high bar to clear at the moment given its meager engine output, but rest assured there’s a turbocharged engine underneath the hood of this prototype. Which engine it’s based on is still unclear, but Subaru officials have hinted that it will displace 2.0-liters. Either way, it should have a bit more power than the current WRX, which generates 265 horses from its 2.5 liters of displacement.

Look for an official debut of the 2014 Subaru WRX later this year with sales beginning in early 2014.

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