2014 Nissan Datsun GO

The Datsun brand will form the low-cost and extra-reliable rung of the Nissan family that also includes the Infiniti luxury division. Datsun wants a piece of the huge sales numbers achieved by Maruti-Suzuki and Dacia with an eye on future expansion across Asia, Africa and South America.

The new Datsun ethos is fun, youthful cars that are extremely practical. The marketing is lifestyle focused with strong appeals to youth culture and breaking away from the norm. New brands and segments are easier to establish among young shoppers with fewer brand loyalties.

The Datsun GO must carve a careful niche to maximize its success in the Indian home market, where the car was also developed and will be assembled. A low selling price is king but customers will spend more to get the features they need, like a tailgate that opens for luggage access and of course, air conditioning. The slow-motion failure of the unpopular Tata Nano is a cautionary tale for the new Datsun brand.

Datsun is back. Nissan has revived this legendary brand that many older fans remember the legendary car models from the 80′s of last century, Cherry and compact sports car ‘Z’. Datsun was shut down in 1983. when the Japanese decided to be in the U.S. to sell vehicles under the Nissan logo. Reviving Datsun, Nissan has positioned the brand for cheaper cars, much like his partner Renault is working with the Dacia brand. The first new model car restored is 2014 Nisan Datsun called GO, and premiered was in New Delhi in India. It is also said that the market for 2014 Nisan Datsun GO is intended for Indonesia, India and Russia, but not for Europe.

Datsun is one of the oldest Japanese car manufacturers. New model cars Datsun GO was named after the old model car Datsun Dat-Go, which started producing in Japan back in in 1914. year. The word ‘give’ in Japanese, has the meaning of ‘lightning-fast’, but at the same time and that the first letters of three Japanese financiers Datsun ‘- Den, Aoyama und Takeuchi.

The new model car 2014 Nisan Datsun GO is as big as a Nissan Micra, have the same wheelbase, and GO is 3.79 meters long, while the height and width varies only a couple of feet. Design GO model was designed by Nissan’s design center in Japan, and will be manufactured at Renault-Nissan plant in Oragadam in India. Small limo-van with five doors and front wheel drive powered 1.2-liter petrol engine mated to a five speed manual transmission. Start of selling of 2014 Nisan Datsun GO in India was announced during in 2014. Year. Prices for 2014 Nisan Datsun GO has not yet been officially released, but is expected to be between 3,000 and 5,000.

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