2014 Ford Transit Revealed in Europe Review

2014 Ford Transit Revealed in Europe Review – Before we tend to introduce Ford’s latest Transit life-sized business van, enable USA to require an instant of silence for the, er, UN agency ar we tend to kidding—only a choose few can mourn the loss of the traditional E-series van that this new international haulier can replace next year. That’s right, at long last Ford finally has disclosed the E-series’s successor, the 2014 Transit, which can be sold-out in essentially an equivalent type across many international markets.

 2014 Ford Transit Revealed in Europe Review

Ford already force the quilt off of 2 members of its next-generation van family earlier this year—the Tourneo Custom (Tourneo is Ford-speak for traveller versions of its consignment vans) and also the Transit Custom—and sure, the life-sized Transit borrows several of its styling cues from those 2 smaller vans. As spy photos of Transit mules previewed, the assembly model gets an identical face to the combine of Customs, though it gets an outsized single quadrangle grille rather than those vans’ twin grilles. Out back, the Transit wears tall taillights that reach regarding midway up the rear end; the Customs’ taillights ar mounted to a higher place, however follow an identical theme.

The most awaited new Ford line up has been shown to public for the first time in 2013 Detroit Auto Show. All auto motive’s enthusiasts especially Ford’s loyalist who is looking forward to see the full-sized Vans must be very excited knowing that it is finally unveiled. The company said that the upcoming successor of Ford Ecoline, Ford Transit, which is shown on the event is actually the European version one, but we’ll be obviously sure that the American version will be essentially the same.

Exterior of 2014 Ford Transit Revealed in Europe Review

At first, some people may argue that whether it is really a ford Transit or a Ford Transit Customs which has been debuted earlier this year. Having nearly the same look and size like its older brother doesn’t make this big van lose its identity. Distinctive load capacity, drive train configuration, and body style is set in 2014 Ford Transit to distinguish and even make it better than the outgoing Ford Transit’s look and performance. The front side looks like the combination of new angles headlamps, trapezoidal grille which is adorned by a large one-piece grille, and a typical of Transit’s cab-forward form.


Its bigger look is highlighted by thick black fender and body-side molding on the rear side. 2014 Ford Transit will offer three option of wheel-base that suit you needs.

Interior of 2014 Ford Transit Revealed in Europe Review

2014 Ford Transit cabin is extremely large, since it is a full-sized van, and could bring more than 14 passengers at once. It is all because of its sloppier and more aerodynamic exterior design that turns to a tall roofline. Information about its material and more of its interior design has not been revealed by the company; it seems that we have to patiently wait once again until its official release date in early 2014. One thin that has been sure is 2014 Ford Transit will feature plenty of safety tools that is more than what’s found on the retired Ecoline.


Engine of 2014 Ford Transit Revealed in Europe Review

For the drivetrain, it is equipped by two engine options that produce a great performance and power, better than the sibling Ford Transit Custom and different from the European version which only gets 2.2 Liter Turbodiesel I-4 transferred by six-speed manual transmission. The American Version is said to be equipped with more powerful one, a 3.5 Liter Twin-TurboCargedEcoBoost V6 engine and the diesel engine that will be announced later. Power will be transmitted through six-speed automatic and only be available in rear-wheel-drive model. That’s why this car is slower than 2014 Nissan GT-R and  2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

Price of 2014 Ford Transit Revealed in Europe Review

The price tag will be announced later together with its official launch.

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