2014 Audi R8 eTron Review

It’s been 3 years since Audi announced the production associated with an electrical supercar. The year was 2010, and also the R8 eTron provided a four-point-four engine ( the one which starts every wheel ). Design didn’t examine alternative models on your company, the Audi is planning mass production of 1, 000 copies annually since 2012. It’s been 3 years and is launching another electrical prototop based mostly inside the R8. Though, whereas the event on your R8 eTron flowed fast, battery technology for electrical cars didn’t. Plans for mass production have disappeared, and also the german large has recently announced plans to provide no more than ten prototypes, every with a cost of concerning one million euros that Audience show the capabilities in this car.

Despite lacking the concept’s (and indeed the regular R8’s) all-wheel drive, traction is absolute and the e-tron bounds from the line as if fired from a slingshot. With no gearshifts to deal with the 4.2-second 0-62 mph time is endlessly repeatable and acceleration continues unabated to the 80-or-so mph before the first braking point.

Part of the surrealism is down to the car’s relative silence, though a distinct and not unpleasant electric hum can be heard under hard acceleration, a noise equally audible outside the car.

The brakes are equally powerful. In gentler driving, retardation is handled entirely by the electric motor’s regenerative resistance, yet you’d not know it with plenty of feel through the pedal.

Transition to friction braking is seamless and response is fantastic–aided by the rear brakes’ electronically-actuated calipers.

Incidentally, we were told that the car’s regenerative braking is so effective that after the R8 e-tron’s Nurburgring lap record last year, its rear brakes were so cool you could actually touch them–not recommended with reguar brakes…

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